How to Choose the Right Payroll Outsourcing company in India

By on November 21, 2017

Bookkeeping is a complex process and is known to take up a lot of time and efforts of many a businesses. Choosing the best payroll service for your needs can help you to reduce bookkeeping and other errors. Even if mistakes are small, doing your own payroll can still cost you. Precious amount of time and energy companies spend figuring out how much money they have to give away could be spent actually making money. That’s why so many businesses are turning to outsourced payroll services.

Choosing the best payroll services as per your need or requirement that suitable for business needs is essential for valuable saving time and money. It also helps to maintain your financial situations. If you’ve been handed the task of choosing a payroll service provider for your company, you may be wondering where to start and what to look for. Outsourcing payroll processing to the experts can save you time and money, not to mention a headache or two.

A couple of factors to consider while selecting a payroll outsourcing company for your business:

Availability of features:

Experts suggest that payroll service should have the features of direct deposits, multiple wage rates, garnishment payments, paid-time-off management and detailed payroll reports.

Ease of use:

Accounting is already a complex process. Having a complex system will only add to the woes. A smooth and easy to use interface is necessary to run payroll and update employee information into the system in a timely manner.

How to Choose the Right Payroll Outsourcing company in India

Experience and proven:

Always check out and confirm the track record of the company, record of its services, feedback and reviews. It is important to get accuracy in payroll operations. An experienced payroll provider should cover all you business’ needs, including payroll processing, time and attendance solutions, employee screening and background checks. A good payroll service will work with your business to fit your exact needs. Additionally, verify if the payroll provider has worked with a similar business in your industry before. This will help you be confident that the company you choose is ready for the specific challenges of your industry.

Developing trust:

You should always hire someone you trust with the confidential information involved in handling payroll and taxes. Check if the vendor is an established payroll company with a strong history, client testimonials and a solid reputation. Carry out your research carefully before making a commitment.Online reviews and recommendations are an added bonus.

Customer Service

You’ll want to communicate regularly with your payroll provider. Look for a provider that offers strong customer service. When you’re having a problem, you’re going to want to talk with someone who has a real understanding of your business and its challenges, not a random sales representative. Check if they offer support each day or only on specified days, such as when your payroll is processed. Realistically, you’re going to have questions on other days that will need immediate attention from a customer service representative.

Integration system –

Usually, outsourcing company likes to use different software but it is the business owner’s responsibility to check their entire system of configuration what is the solution for immediate transactions? What speed there for processing the amounts? and lot more.

Scalability and added services – Different nature of business has different needs and scalability specifies the capability to add or to delete the features that are usable or unused respectively.


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