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By on June 13, 2022

Travelling is fun, but only when it’s with one’s family. It is very easy to be able to go to a country as a tourist but when one is looking to set up a business in a foreign country a normal travelling visa won’t be of much help to them. For this,

Fast Lane HR is a one-stop for all queries and help regarding business visas.

A proven track record stretching over years shows that this company has developed a visible reputation to provide human resources advice to many young entrepreneurs looking to start a business in human resources advisory services.  Their experts cover all aspects of HR and make them the best choice for cloud consultancy services. They also offer other services like accounting, audits, taxes, corporate needs, and payroll. They provide valuable time to focus on the business one wants to set up.

Why should one opt for their services?

  • They help enhance the overall efficiency of a company.
  • Their advisors will assure there are no errors made in the groundwork and layout of the company.
  • Their professional and dedicated team of experts will guarantee one won’t fall into the trap of non-compliance with the employment laws.
  • Overall cost-effectiveness.
  • They reduce the wage bill 

human resources advisory services

Hong Kong work visa : Sometimes for businesses to work smoothly and gain more profit employers need people from abroad. It’s very difficult to obtain such recruits but obtaining a visa is very easy. With the experienced and trained professionals of Fast Lane Hr, they provide easy and end-to-end service for this process.

Procedure to obtain the visa :

  • They consult on working visa applications
  • They advise on the alternative visa options and the success of the application.
  • They obtain  the applicant’s signature on the letter of engagement
  • They also prepare a tailor-made documentation checklist for the client’s visa.
  • They complete the immigration forms, drafts, and letters and review the collected documentation.
  • The next step has to be done by oneself which is responding, conducting ongoing liaison and collecting visa labels from the Hong Kong immigration centre.

To conclude, all these services can be obtained very easily if one chooses to go with this company. They provide the best services and ensure that their customers are satisfied and there is no hindrance in setting up their business.

This company is a well-known visa agent with experience in directly dealing with the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Their team of qualified professionals are well-versed in all the hong kong business visa requirements and not only provides services on how to approach one’s application but will also manage all further actions, such as liaising with the authorities and handling submissions.

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