Heavy-Duty Telescopic And Linear Guides For Industrial Equipment

By on September 9, 2021

The placement of industrial products in the market turned out to be one of the top best-selling items in the market. It is the reason why the growing numbers of industrial and manufacturing companies are operating today. Big warehouses are now looking for heavy equipment used for lifting and moving heavy containers. Therefore, the demand for guias telescopicas and linear guides is continually rising. These products help the work be easily performed and go smoothly. These are reliable and solid products that support moving heavy containers easier, quicker, and safe.

How does a telescopic guide work?

The key concept for industrial machinery is efficiency, which in terms of production, workstations, and machines function properly in the long run. It often has contact with strong pollutants and corrosive substances, which means these products must be made of heavy-duty components, including aluminum and stainless steel. Keep in mind that a malfunction of a machine may cause a stoppage, which causes a quick loss of productivity that leads to loss of cost as well. Therefore, you should look for a reliable company that manufactures high-quality telescopic guides and linear systems. These guides and systems are used in various applications. Circulating ball skates moved at high speed with these products even with the presence of contamination and residues. Thus, any dirt, dust, etc. will never cause any stoppage of the machine. Extraction of drawers and some machine components need a telescopic guide and also for facilitating maintenance work. It helps load capacities from kilos to a ton. The system can make the moving of heavy containers easy and fast. A series of the telescopic guide are:


  • D402
  • D53
  • D1422
  • D444
  • D500
  • D5 and more

These are only a few of the series available that support several load capacities. More of the series are available according to the load capacity needed. Transferring or moving heavy containers manually is impossible using a pure workforce. But when the industrial companies invented telescopic and linear systems, it made these workloads easier to move.

Best use for the railway sector

The telescopic guide and linear system are also useful in the railway sector. Imagine a train, it uses reliable and durable components for particular functions, such as on the following:

  • Passengers seat
  • Exterior doors
  • Access ramps
  • Platforms doors
  • Access stairs, etc.

These are parts of the train wherein the telescopic guide and linear system play an important role. With those, functions of these parts of the train work accordingly. The passenger’s safety and comfort while sitting. Riding in a train feels unsafe since it runs fast, with the right and durable telescopic guide, it helps the passenger seat comfortably. Most parts of the railway sector require telescopic guides and linear systems, which make it a hugely important use. Exterior doors of the train also use industrial equipment to make it functional. Some parts of the train are using them to make it functional.

If you are running an industrial company, this robust and reliable equipment might be what you need too.

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