Cloud Solution- A Gateway to Successful Business

By on April 27, 2021

Any business growth depends on the satisfaction level of their customers with its services.

Providing best services to the customer mainly depends upon the swift and timely performance. So, therefore there are greater chances ifunnecessary delays, off and on interruptions are experienced, it ultimately leads to dissatisfaction at customer’s end.

No entrepreneur, no enterprise would ever think of making their customers unhappy because customers are the backbone of any business success.

Businesses, whether small or large are now a days relying more on online services to be provided at door step to their customers due to recent pandemic situation effecting the lives of every individual.

This initiative is taken after reading the customer mind to provide online services at home to encourage people that they don’t’ need to come out in pandemic crises.

However, businessmen still has to work hard because their survival depends upon the customer satisfaction at nay situation.

While online services demands businesses to think out of the box to provide uninterrupted services without involving human resource. It solely depends upon the internet, its speed and uptime making it indispensable to run any business.

At this point, cloud hosting and cloud computing is providing the best solutions to perform and run the businesses anywhere anytime without delays.

A high quality cloud hosting provider is a guarantor of safe, secure and speedy online services.

Cloud solutions are providing expertise in giving security protection and monitoring, social media leverage, digital marketing, web sites, web services, database apps 7 services, CRM systems, mobile app services, Archiving, Data backup& Emails.

Thailand economy has greatly welcomed the cloud computing technology in their IT needs when they felt that IT is becoming an integral part of the economy of the country but effecting all operations involved in almost every field.  

Cloud Server ที่ไหนดี  The answer to this question can be given by deciding whether to have cloud-based or in-house server interface. our following cloud companies are considered the most reliable sources in global market i.e. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, Ali baba Cloud, IBM Cloud Huawei Cloud.

However, there are things that need to be clear in the minds of businessman before choosing right thing. First of all, you should know about the uptime factor invloved in your business. An in-house set up is more reliable for those businesses who donot really relying on uptime.But if your business base is requiring uptime as an inmportant factor, then cloud-based solution is the reality.

If you wanted to access the data of your business anywhere having no worries of upgrading server infrastructure anymore must go for cloud based server option.However if you does not want any third party access to the date and wanted to fully control on physical server by itself will go for in-house server option.

Cloud hosting is the perfect choice because it not only giving maximum uptime network service but also assuring no server failure.

It is mainly because of the interconnected servers, if any server is unable to perform well then the other connected multiple servers share the burden of the failed server automatically.

Cloud companies have greater prospects not only in Thailand market but whole world market is blessing in disguise from business point of view for them.

Because of growing cloud based infrastructure setup required for businesses and companies in the coming years, Cloud Solution is the only gateway to successful business.

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