Captivating Custom Rigid Boxes for Clay Blush Holiday Sets

By on January 21, 2021

Cosmetic lovers like buying bundled deals and saver offers on festivities and special days. Presenting and promoting the sets in coruscating and cheerful packaging would help you with selling more. You can make your clay blush kits enticing for the shoppers using entrancing boxes. Creatively compelling packaging would incline the customers to complete their purchase. Boxes with engaging layout and text details would leave the potential buyers hooked to your products. They would want to know all about the cheek treats you are displaying. You can get your new brand noticed with an original and scintillating packaging idea.

Boxes for makeup carrying interesting details about the packaged items would make them worth buying. Eye-catchy custom rigid box packaging would bedazzle the shoppers looking for natural and other blushes. You can flaunt the features of the set that makes it worthwhile. For instance, you can list the names of natural ingredients used in the items and how easy it is to contour the cheeks with them. How much a buyer can save up on the deal? Have it prominently printed on the boxes. Seek guidance and services of a packaging expert for getting your boxes custom printed. Don’t choose a printer without ensuring that it has the requisite knowledge and skills to provide you finest and result-oriented packaging.

custom rigid box packaging

You should read in detail about the commonly preferred stocks and techniques to give your input and vetting competence of the vendor.

In this post, we are sharing some helpful pointers on printing appealing boxes!

Packaging Artwork should be Beguiling

Design of your makeup boxes can make or kill that impression right away. Work with the graphic designers to come up with artwork ideas that define your product and delight the eyes and senses. Images or symbols used on packaging have to be relevant to the cosmetic item. Keep the text short and sweet and choose a colorful or funky font to make it pop on the boxes. Embossed lettering for your branding essentials would highlight these details.

Window Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Packaging with window would enhance the visibility of the blush kits that will enable the shoppers to pick a shade combo they want. This will also save your counter staff time from explaining the obvious specs like quantity and number of items. Play with customizations around the window for an engrossing touch. You can experiment with a die-cut shape that is rarely used by beauty brands but don’t risk utility of the boxes. Packaging ought to be super simple to open, close and carry if you want the users to store blushers in it.

Cardstock, paperboard and kraft are the printing stocks you must compare before selecting.

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 Packaging that assists Customers with Applying Cosmetics

Boxes for makeup with names and percentage of ingredients, steps to use the products and links to your tutorial videos would get your brand and offers commendation from the customers. Instead of wasting the packaging space on traditional and predictable marketing messages, utilize it for providing assistance to shoppers especially ones that know little on how to make the cheek bones prominent with blush.

Before you opt for any of the rigid box manufacturers USA, check what kind of businesses vendor has worked with.

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