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By on May 22, 2022

SMS is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers. SMS Gateway can be used to send reminders, run surveys, facilitate bookings, and advertise special offers to drive greater sales. The company sets an individual up with a custom SMS portal to allow serving the customer and their business objectives. Let us know about the best SMS API provider.

Why MoobiCast?

  • The company offers different APIs with a variety of SMS capabilities to support customers’ business goals.
  • Easy exportation of Reports for SMS sent through API.
  • Provides the ability to Schedule a variety of SMS or SMS Campaign
  • It offers a One-step quick-fix to all the problems for multiple Bulk SMS needs.
  • Enhances efficiency of the business. Sends information within a fraction of seconds with accuracy and no network delay.
  • Pay as per needs and requirements as there are no monthly requirements or contracts for Bulk SMS usage.
  • The simple explanation is because it is flexible and is easily integrated into any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Supply Chain Management solution.
  • Assures answering customer requests and needs, with a fast communication team. It works more effectively and speedily.
  • Ideal for developers and strategic business partners with the leading Gateway API solutions in Singapore. Perfect for developers and strategic partners.
  • For External Applications provides Free API Access
  • Usually Sends SMS Online or using API.

best sms api provider

About MoobiCast

The company was established in the year 2006 and specialized in SMS marketing without complexities. It aims to provide meaningful connections and deliver necessary information to a wide range of audiences.

Their SMS Gateway API helps to push text messages to customers immediately or at on scheduled based time, keeping them informed. The messages are built to notify of new products and promotions, well wishes, appointments, confirmation of online purchases, mobile vouchers, payment information, reminders and so much more.

For instance, integrating with the CRM (Customer-relationship management) allows an individual to prompt an instant SMS to customers on their special occasions when connecting SMS Gateway API to the systems in Singapore. Also, offers exclusive celebratory pamphlets and promotions via text messages.

Moreover, it helps create awareness of the latest trends and products with the best offers and services. This helps to drive social traffic and increases deals and sales, giving the best customer experience and feedback to boost brand loyalty.

When choosing Moobicast, SMS API integration building up the software or application is pretty simple and fast happening.

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