Benefits of good operation techniques for mini excavator tracks

By on March 23, 2018

Online products and companies are committed to a larger audience. They are influencing factor in the growth of Mechanical Excavator industry.

The product type and its applications is technology based and very different. The customers these industries cater to always look for a very good track record from the vendor. Most of all caterpillar excavator tracks are made in order to adopt strategies favourable for business.

The approaches and market demands are seen by the manufacturers based on the time constraints of contractors. Only then a B2B relation can be fruitful.

However here are some tips to ensure once the equipment reaches your hand.

Operate with care: Rubber tracks are expensive so operating it with care would extend its life ensuring good track health. For long life of these tracks, pieces of equipment should be utilized from the very start after delivery. Keeping them idle or exposing them to the elements that shorten their life will only undermine the integrity of the track. Vendors advise you not to store them unused.

caterpillar excavator tracks

Avoid debris: When the equipment is in constant use on the site, it should necessarily be cleaned and kept away from the debris. A regular watch removes sharp debris that may be on the surface that may compromise the track.

Operational techniques: The operators of the excavator need to be aware of the techniques avoiding any aggressive moves that may damage the tracks. Besides keeping the track clean the operator should be wary of broken concrete fragments that may prove to be fatal for the tracks. Even tree roots can threaten the tracks if not handled with precision.

Jobsite: The operation of caterpillar excavator tracks must not involve long-distance travel. In case the equipment needs to reach a location it has to be transported from the site on a trailer to avoid damage to the tracks.


While replacing the tracks from old to the new, one has to check if the tension meets the ideal reading. The adjustment should be checked at least after 50 hrs.  If the tension doesn’t seem to facilitate operation then necessary adjustments will have to be made by the operator.


Reconditioning of tracks is nothing but rebuilding the old track with new links. This type of track repairing may cause half as much as new excavator tracks. It may not be economically feasible if it costs 20% of the price of a new set of tracks.

Therefore many vendors address their customer’s enquiry in reconditioning as a bad decision. As instead of replacing the links or guide blocks you should be better off just buying new tracks outright.

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