An Overview of the A1 English test

By on April 24, 2020

The European Council has made the mentioned candidates compulsory for basic knowledge of English in this examination.

The A1 English exam has been made compulsory since June 2010 for all those who have applied for an extension of their stay in the UK. Candidates applying for a Next Leave (FLR) or Marriage Visa will have an initial status test. This is an extension of their stay in Britain.

Here are how candidates can apply and can make A1 English Test booking online.

Mandatory for these citizens:

The following candidates must attend the examination:

Candidates who have applied for an extension of their stay in the UK have given that their spouse is a UK citizen. Candidates applying for a marriage visa can also avail it. Candidates who are willing to attend the Preliminary Level English Examination and can understand and speak basic English can apply.

A1 English Test Booking:

You can visit the sites for online booking for the A1 English exam and follow the procedures as per the instructions. This is a test set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) to test candidates for Basic English. You can check the available dates to apply for the exam and pay the exam booking fee online. A1 English Test Booking Fee 200 GBP and it is advisable to book the test slot at least 3 days in advance.

Test Pattern and Evaluation Standards:

The test will be assessed by an examiner approved by the UKVI Examination Institute. The candidate will be evaluated according to the following criteria. Candidates will have a 6-minute long speaking and listening test to demonstrate a basic understanding of the language. The examiner evaluates the basic phrases the candidate uses in everyday life. The candidate will be asked to speak on general topics such as the presence of an individual and the description of their family members. The candidate will also be asked to introduce himself to others. The pronunciation of common words that the candidate uses every day is also evaluated. The candidate must perform the check-in and check-out of the hotel as tourists must have basic conversations. Interim results will be announced on the same day. The certificate will be issued 7 days after the result is announced. These standards are strictly followed to remove any discrepancies in the evaluation of exams. The exam pattern has been revamped a little this year too. But the criteria remain the same every year for the entry visa or extension of visa.

This level is called Beginner’s Level because it requires only a basic understanding of English. Candidates can also take the practice tests available online. Skills can be improved by listening to speech. Practice the pronunciation of simple words by making short conversations. So, if you would like to take this exam, follow the above guidelines and pass the exams to extend your stay in the UK and have a conversation in the language.

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