An overview of different types of attendance systems in offices

By on June 25, 2019

In today’s time where everything is based on digital access, the manual attendance system can be easily replaced with the software those allow the better, accurate and convenient options for the same. The wide usage of the attendance system is found in offices, where it is a necessity. The majorly used attendance systems in our country are:

  1. The facial recognition system
  2. Time and attendance system

The facial recognition system is a technology that matches and then measures the various unique features of the face for recognition. It also catches the pictures from digital frames and visuals. After doing this it matches the data recorded to the data present in the database and so, it is  considered as the biometric artificial intelligence system that identifies any person on the basis of their facial pattern and features. Now a days facial recognition system is on spike and is used very widely. They are used in modern smart phones to grant access to the phone and find several other places of use such as laptops, many apps of banking.

Time and attendance system as depicted by the name is a system that allows the owner to keep a track on the timings of an employee whether the time when they start work or when they stop it. It enables the employer to maintain a record of employee’s discipline and thus maintaining the decorum of the workplace. It works as proof of attendance of the employee and ensure that the wages and other facilities as per the time duration thus helps employer to control the extra expense in the same. The time and attendance system either works on fingerprints saved as database or on with the help of card that enables it storage of time.

The device is available in many varieties depending on several factors such as

  • Cost: A wide range of cost is available as per the features.
  • Identification Feature: the identification can be done on basis of fingerprint or identity card as per the use and demand.
  • Capacity of capturing fingerprint: The capacity of capturing the fingerprint may vary from 500 to more as per the need of the buyer.
  • Speed of recognition: It may vary from milliseconds to seconds.
  • Access speed: It might depend on the system if the processor is slow or fast
  • Size of LCD display
  • Storage capacity: The storage can be from a few numbers around 500 to more depending upon the memory size chosen.
  • Recognition ways are also a part of these factors such as 1:1 system.
  • Failed recognition rate
  • False acceptance rate etc.

These features vary greatly from one system to another. CP PLUS provides a great range of products based on the specifications and demand of the user with the assurance of best quality and cost effectiveness.


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