AccessiBe Points Out That Internet Accessibility Still Requires Upgrade When it Comes to Disabled People

By on September 29, 2021

As a crucial part of our daily lives, the internet has emerged as a rich source of information and conversation as well as entertainment and community, and it provides an almost limitless number of opportunities to share ideas and pass the time.

There are, of course, numerous opportunities to accomplish this in the real world as well — but for many people, this is not as straightforward. It has proven to be a truly life-changing experience for many disabled as well as special-needs persons.

Since it makes things easier for people with disabilities by offering internet access to industries such as banking and buying groceries, but because it allows them to network with some other people who have been in the same circumstance as themselves, disabled people have discovered the web to be a huge asset.

Even if it is the fifth decade of internet existence, we are still unable to make it friendly for disabled people.  On the other hand, the international scorecard on web and accessibility continues unevenly at best and catastrophically inadequate at worst, despite significant progress says AccessiBe. The Israel based company mentions that “Despite the fact that web accessibility is an important topic, especially as people continue to do practically everything online, it has yet to make its way onto popular television”.  Our findings from a case study demonstrate that it is critical to help explain how internet access engages with people’s lives and dynamics of disability, as well as we propose ways that policy can be developed and improved to ensure that people with disabilities are treated on an equal footing with the rest of society when participating in digital societies.

AccessiBe explains the challenges


Technology inherently imposes constraints and limitations, yet this can also be seen as a human inability to design technologies, which is a significant difficulty. A major barrier to digital accessibility today is the inability of technology to accommodate the wide range of different sorts of impairments that exist today. Persons with visual impairments can benefit from screen readers, and people with hearing impairments can benefit from video captioning. People who have physical constraints can benefit from particular types of keyboards and other hardware devices in the same way. Nonetheless, in the event of cognitive deficits such as Down syndrome or Vascular dementia, technology is still proving ineffective and requires further research.

Government steps of disabled


The Department of Justice’s position on ADA compliance makes it a legal issue, despite the fact that best practices for developing code have existed for many years. Companies that fail to adhere to the online accessibility requirements run the danger of being sued by members of the public or organizations dedicated to human rights protection. Online accessibility issues have resulted in litigation for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. The prevention or correction of web accessibility issues is unquestionably in the best interests of a company.

Individuals with limited mobility can benefit from the web since it allows for easy and fluent dialogue across international borders, things that would otherwise be quite difficult. AccessiBe feels that bringing united voices from all over the world, it has contributed to the strengthening of the community’s cohesiveness. The company is Israeli-based, one of the leading in the web accessibility market, empowering the disabled accessibility across the web.

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