Why Picking 2021 Mazda 3 is the Correct Choice?

By on April 20, 2021

Looking to purchase Mazda 3 2021 version?

It is one of the best vehicles that you can buy and is often referred to as the correct choice due to the balance it offers between powertrain, design, interior, and more. To understand how it is the correct choice if you are looking to buy this vehicle, then simply go through its outstanding specifications such as:

  • Engine specs
  • Interior and cabin details
  • Models available and their price

Have a look at these in detail before visiting Orange County Mazda dealership!

Powertrain available

Different engines are fitted under Mazda 3’s hood, where the default option is a 2L four-cylinder that comes only in FWD drivetrain and creates 155 horsepower. Next available option is 2.5L engine which is available in FWD as well as AWD drivetrain that produces 186 horsepower. Lastly, 2.5L turbocharged option helps Mazda 3 generate 250 horsepower. Most buyers opt for either 2.5L engine or the turbocharged option and simply avoid the base engine.

People can acquire manual 6-speed but for it one will only get FWD drivetrain option. If you are looking to buy AWD trim then you will need to go for automatic 6-speed as that is mandatory option from Mazda.

Every model is responsive to gas inputs that make it quite quick. The 2021 variants are much improved than its predecessors; be it a sedan or hatchback. Also, like every other Mazda vehicle, this car also provides refined and exemplary ride quality irrespective of the road condition.

With ultimate control, natural steering control, firm ride, and more offers it a fun to drive automobile that is what every individual needs. Also, Mazda 3 is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles that are on the market right now. The default engine provides people with a mileage of 28 mpg (city) and 36 mpg (highway).

Non-turbo 2.5L option will get you 26 mpg (city) and 35 mpg (highway), while the turbocharged engine provides 23 mpg (city) and 31 mpg (highway).

Interior details

One of the reasons why people love Mazda vehicles apart from their performance is their design and styling. Mazda 3 is no exception to that and offers a premium looking cabin built with superior quality materials. It is equipped with numerous desirable features; however, to access those it is better choose a high- end variant. You can know more if you are interested by consulting Mazda dealer Orange County.

Cost of models

7 trims are available, where the base one starts from $21,645. However, if you are looking to buy a Mazda 3 always opt for Premium, 2.5Turbo, or Premium Plus, which will cost you at least $27,995, $31,045, and $33,595 respectively. If you are looking to know about the rest of the available trims it is better you visit a Mazda dealership today.

All there is left for you is take a test drive. Irrespective of whether you like a hatchback or sedan, Mazda 3 is available in both options. So, choose wisely and enjoy all pleasure of driving a Mazda 3.

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