Why Drive the New 2021 Hyundai Venue?

By on May 21, 2021

Hyundai is known for making cars that has excellent value along with remarkable driving experience, excellent performance, and more. 2021 Hyundai Venue is no different and has already been in quite a high demand since its launch. It is spacious, responsive, affordable, and other features makes this car appealing to all. Nevertheless, before you get to Ontario Hyundai dealer, take a look at the specs to understand why you need to own and drive this car.

Cabin room and interior

Venue 2021 might look small but its cabin is quite spacious when compared with other subcompact crossover. Moreover, Hyundai ensured that both front and back seats offer plenty of space for passengers and cushion provided makes sitting for long hours comfortable. Though, it might not strike as a flashy design, the interior is well-assembled and filled with features that would attract anyone’s attention.

Standard leather wrapping for steering wheel as well as shift knob, push start button system, heated seats, etc. Moreover, it comes with ample cabin space, especially if an individual decides to fold the rear seats.

Engine and performance

The powertrain available for 2021Venue is a four-cylinder 121 horsepower providing engine. It is more than enough when driving in a city or town but might feel a little underpowered when on highway. Only gearbox mated with it is a CVT option as Hyundai discontinued its manual 6-speed which was available for previous generation models. Also, only FWD drivetrain is available.

It is quite an agile subcompact SUV due to its reactive steering and small dimension. It offers 30 mpg in city and 33 mpg on highway, which is similar or better than vehicles in this category. The agility, maneuverability, and more proves that there is no better model available for people looking to buy a vehicle for short commutes on a daily basis.

Infotainment and other features

8-inch display for accessing infotainment and other features is standard for all Venue trims. Also, it has smartphone integration (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay). Also, its infotainment system comes with appealing menus and responds quickly. In addition, there are buttons and knobs that make using them quite easily. Also, there is in-built navigation that gets drivers real-time data about traffic on road.

Apart from these, there are numerous safety features and driver assistance available for people. Some standard driver assistance includes warning during forward collision, lane keeping and departure help, and more. Gather more info from a Hyundai dealer Ontario by visiting immediately.


Three variants are available for 2021Venue; SE that costs $19,935, while the SEL is priced at $20,985 and Denim will cost $23,235. If you are looking to enjoy every ride and have the best experience of driving Hyundai Venue then you need to purchase Denim as it comes fully equipped with everything that one needs and is quite reasonably priced.

All you need is to get yourself an appointment to test ride this vehicle and booking a unit for yourself or your loved one. It is the best car for daily commuting and more!

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