What’s the Best Way to Protect New Car Paint?

By on April 7, 2022

Everyone that got a new car wants to maintain its spotless appearance. Not to mention, fixing a damaged car paint can cost you a lot.

Did you know that a car paint job costs $1000 to $3500? Plus, many factors can influence the price of a paint job.

Do you want to know the best way to protect new car paint? Don’t worry cause in this article, you will learn about the best car paint protection and other tips!

What Is Car Paint Protection?

Scratches and fading are some of the issues that cars may experience as time goes by. But thanks to car paint protection, you can prevent these issues from happening early. This protection can help you avoid everyday damages and road chemicals.

There are many types of new car paint protection available today. These are the best way to protect your car paint:


The traditional type of paint protection is using wax. Wax leaves a glossy finish on the vehicle and protects your car from dirt and grime.

But, it is still prone to scratches, chips, and scuff marks. Detergents can also wash wax coatings, and they usually last two to four months only.


Sealants can hold longer than waxes and can last up to six months if maintained. They can improve the glossiness of the car and protect your paint.


Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating creates a chemical bond with the paint that can last up to four years. They are more durable than waxes and sealants. It can protect your car from UV rays and road chemicals.

New Car Paint

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

You can apply PPF to areas that are most exposed to paint damage. These types last the longest and are usually the most common choice for paint protection.

They protect your car from scratches, chemical stains, and UV rays. If you are looking for protection films, visit

New Car Paint Protection Tips

Now that you know the types of paint protection, you might wonder about the best protection for car paint. Well, choosing the best car protection depends on a few things. You need to consider the price, ease of maintenance, and durability.

Remember to wash your car to remove dirt, dust, and the harmful effects of UV rays. Avoid parking it in places that can compromise your car paint. Park your vehicle with shade to avoid UV radiation and even bird droppings.

In line with that, you can invest in a good car cover. Choose one that is water-resistant and breathable.

Get the Best Way to Protect New Car Paint Today

All of the mentioned ways above can give you enough protection, but they differ in longevity. So, if you prefer something that lasts longer, you can opt for a film.

You can also consider how much you use your car when picking the best new car paint protection. If you always use it, you might want a durable ceramic coating.

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