What to Do With a Flooded Car

By on March 30, 2022

Does your car have flood damage?

This is never a fun experience. Major water damage can ruin your car in a very short period of time. Plus, this type of damage can be incredibly expensive to repair. In fact, you might quickly discover that it’s a lost cause.

So, what should you do with a flooded car? Should you invest a small fortune to repair a flooded car, sell it, or simply write it off as a total loss?

Here we take a look at how to deal with vehicle flood damage so that you can make the best of an unfortunate situation. Keep reading to learn more.

Get a Repair Estimate

When it comes to dealing with vehicle flood damage, start by talking to your local body shop about the possibility of repairs. The experts will be able to tell you exactly what’s required to get your car back in driving condition and provide an estimate for what those repairs would cost.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Any time a car has sustained serious water damage, it’s important to contact your insurance company to find out what your policy covers. Keep in mind that every insurance company is different, thus the amount of coverage will vary.

The key is to provide them with as much information as possible so that they can file the claim and issue a check for the damage as quickly as possible.

Sell Your Car For Cash

Another option is to make some quick cash by selling your junker for cash rather than wasting money attempting to repair a flooded car. This is a quick and easy process that starts with contacting a company that will pay cash for your junk car.

There’s no negotiating involved. You simply provide the details about your car, a specific offer is made, and the company will pick up the car at your home for free and hand over a check. It really is that simple.

Here’s an example of a company who buys junk cars for cash.

Sell Your Car For Parts

Your car might be too damaged to drive, but you could make money from the individual parts. This might be a time-consuming process, and yet you might be able to make more cash selling the parts individually than selling the car intact.

List Your Car On Social Media

There are plenty of people out there willing to buy cars in almost any condition. Even if your car won’t run, you still might be able to find a buyer. The key is to create a post that describes your car in detail, including quality photos, describing what happened.

Tips for What to Do With a Flooded Car 

It’s never fun to realize that your car is damaged beyond repair. The best you can do is understand your options for making this unfortunate scenario a little less painful. That’s why knowing what to do with a flooded car is so important.

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