What Is Microfiber Cloth?

By on March 30, 2022

Did you know that microfiber material is 200 times thinner than a strand of hair when split? If you’ve ever felt microfiber cloth before, you’ll know that it doesn’t feel like other types of fabric, and this is because of how small the fibers are.

People use microfiber for a lot of different things, but without knowing what it is or how it works, you may not see the real benefits of microfiber over other fabrics.

But, what is microfiber cloth exactly? Why would you use it over other types of cloth you already have?

Keep reading as we explain the benefits of microfiber cloth, how it’s made, and why you should use it.

What Is Microfiber Cloth?

Microfiber cloth is made from very slim threads. Compared to cotton cloths or other types of fabrics, the fibers in microfiber are extremely small.

Generally, a microfiber cloth is going to be made from polyamide or nylon mixed with polyester. This means that part of the cloth is made from plastic.

The cloth has a lot of fiber surfaces, which makes it great for cleaning, but the cloth is also porous. This factor makes it better at picking things up, like dust, liquids, and more.

How Are These Made?

The fibers are broken down into tiny strands and then woven into a pattern. This pattern could be for a general cloth, like a towel, or it could be for other specific products, like a mop head, upholstery, and more.

Because of how the pattern is pressed and woven, it is very lightweight compared to other blends.

How Does a Microfiber Cloth Work?

The biggest reason that people prefer microfiber cloths is that they have the tiny fibers we have mentioned that are capable of picking up just about anything. They essentially trap little particles as they come into contact.

Other types of cloths that have larger fibers and strands will simply move tiny particles, like dust and dirt, around, which makes them less effective for certain tasks overall.

You can use cleaning products with microfiber, but it’s not necessary. To clean it, you can simply rinse it and let it dry again as long as you don’t see any noticeable dirt or grime.

What Are the Main Microfiber Cloth Uses?

The main use for microfiber is for cleaning. It’s great for dusting, cleaning glass, and much more. It doesn’t kill germs, but you can easily use a disinfecting cleaner to help clean different parts of your home with ease.

People will use microfiber in other spots outside of the home, too. People will buy microfiber towels for car cleaning or office cleaning as well.

You can also use finer microfiber cloths for things like wiping eyeglasses and removing smudges from a computer screen. Pay attention to how rough the microfiber feels in order to ensure it doesn’t scratch the surface of what you want to use it on.

Keep This Microfiber Cloth Guide in Mind

As you can see, the answer to “what is microfiber cloth?” is actually pretty simple. It’s a specific type of cloth that has very small fibers, making it perfect for trapping tiny particles. If you plan to clean, most of the time a microfiber cloth is going to be your best bet.

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