What Difference a Cabin Filter Service Can Make?

By on December 23, 2020

The cabin air filter is often seen as an overlooked vehicle component, though its servicing can make a hell and heaven difference in the overall ride experience. Usually the cabin filter is checked when a car is brought to a service center for an oil change.

Most customers usually decline to get it replaced, complained a mechanic whom we met at the Twin Falls cabin filter service station. He further explained that in most cases, this avoidance happens either because they don’t know its importance, or because the service center is overcharging for the servicing of cabin filter change. He proved his point by showing us how the changing for the cabin air filter can make a huge difference in the performance of the vehicle. From his demonstration we could assimilate the following ways the cabin air filter works towards enhancing the performance ability of the car.

Controlling the Level of Pollution

Pollution is one of the most commonly cited reasons that is cited when it comes to proving the importance of the cabin air filter. The auto experts always will suggest to regularly change the cabin air filter of a car because it is the air filter that basically prevents the external pollution of the road from entering the interior cabin. The cabin air filter helps in blocking out a lot of the smog and dirt from entering the cabin as well as prevents them from getting exhaled out of the vehicle through its exhaust tailpipe creating an atmospheric damage.

Protects the Car Occupants from Allergens

Besides the pollutants and outside debris, the cabin air filter also helps drastically in reducing the number of allergens that can enter the cabin and affect the health of the car occupants. Travelers who are allergic to pollens could easily get infected by the allergens, unless the air filter is in good condition and is able to create a barrier between them and these harmful environmental components. If you have witnessed your near ones getting car sickness, it can very well be the effect of a worn-out air filter that is unable to keep the cabin atmosphere fresh and clean.

Ineffective Air Conditioning

If your air conditioner is not being able to cool down your cabin within its stipulated time, or is not taking its effect even after long time you have turned it on, it is a clear indication that your cabin air filter is not effective any longer, and needs a change.

When your cabin air filter gets clogged up, the car air conditioner needs to work harder in order to push the cool air through the damaged air filter. This can result into a noisy or ineffective air conditioning system ruining the cabin and ride comfort to a nasty level.

When to Change the Cabin Filter

As per the mechanics we spoke to at the center of cabin filter service near Twin Falls the ideal interval of changing the cabin air filter should be after crossing every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, though it must be done only after consulting the car’s user manual.

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