What Are the Different Types of Cars That Exist Today?

By on June 27, 2022

It is a hassle asking for rides and relying on public transportation to get where you need to go.

Consider buying a car to ease your transportation woes. There is so much freedom in hitting the road whenever you please.

But many responsibilities come with vehicle ownership, like car maintenance and insurance. The level of responsibility varies between car types.

Familiarize yourself with the different types of cars to avoid buying a car you will regret. Keep reading to learn about the car types that exist on the market.


An SUV is a popular car amongst Soccer Moms. These vehicles give you the space you need for all of life’s necessities.

SUVs are not huge cars but do sit higher than an average sedan. You can easily take on the road in this car if you are new to driving.

Utility Trucks

Utility trucks are great for country living and construction work. These vehicles have flatbeds where you can store heavy equipment and luggage.

There is not much room for additional passengers in a pickup truck. You can purchase an extended cab, but the ride will be cramped.


Vans are the epitome of family cars. These vehicles have plenty of seating, so you can return the favor to those you bummed a ride from.

Vans do tend to have blind spots, so it is hard to see the cars on either side of you while driving. Newer vans do come equipped with assisted driving technology and a backup camera.


A sedan is for drivers who need the extra leg room but do not like sitting up high above the road. Sedans are great on gas and easy to maneuver through traffic.

You can get cheap car insurance on sedans because they are considered the safest cars on the open road. Look at all the sedans that made the list of 2022s safest cars.


A compact car is perfect for a first-time car buyer because of the price and size. These cars are the baby of the bunch, but they help you build your confidence behind the wheel.

Compact cars are low to the ground, so you can see everything on the road. But your windshield could get cracked by rocks falling from larger vehicles. You can find windshield replacement prices linked here if this happens to you.

Sports Cars

A sports car is for the Speed Racer at heart. These cars have limited storage and room for one other passenger, so pack light.

Insurance coverage is expensive because sports cars are not the safest option. But it is a small price to pay for your heart’s desire.

Types of Cars

Picking your first car is like finding Cinderella. The search takes time, but you will not give up until you find the one.

It may be helpful for you to create a list of criteria you are looking for in a car. Check out the Auto and motor section to learn about different types of cars and trends.

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