Knowing the Process of Vehicle Frame Straightening

By on March 25, 2020

Post a collision, one of the worst damage that can happen to your vehicle is on its frame. That’s a damage enough to make the car unusable till you fix it back. The frame straightening job is considered as one of the major collision repair job that costs a good amount of money. If your car frame has unfortunately got damaged, you need not panic, as most of the reputed auto body shops offer this service.

According to the technicians who serve at a popular auto body repair shop in Salisbury explained that one of the most common repair job they have to take up regularly is frame straightening. They further added that if the frame of a vehicle gets badly damaged because of any accident or a collision, it needs to be immediately straightened by experienced auto body shop mechanics. It is important because with a damaged frame, a vehicle loses its overall structural balance, and can fall prey to yet another accident.

Since the process of frame straightening needs to be done with proper equipment that can only be present in a reputed and authentic auto body repair shop.

Machines Involved

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The job of vehicle frame straightening involves hydraulics that provide the vehicle with the required amount of torque and leverage which is needed to pull out the damaged part of the frame back to its original factory specifications.

A frame straightening machine will consist of a large platform so that it can place, hold and position a car, an SUV or a big vehicle like pickup truck. The place will typically have two or more upright posts in the shape of towers that can be rotated by 360-degrees and be moved along the perimeter of the platform. It should provide enough place around the vehicle for the mechanics to work on different areas of the vehicle frame.

The most advanced and updated machines are now computerized that make use of lasers and in some cases sonic senders that are able to assess the overall frame structure of a vehicle and can easily diagnose the level of damage it has suffered. These systems of diagnostics also help in determining if at all the vehicle is repairable, and thencalculate an estimate how long the repair work might take, finally arriving at the final cost it may incur. This on-board measurement machine is also used after the repair work to ensure that it was performed the right way.

The Process Explained in Short

As described by the Salisbury auto body shop mechanics, for the vehicle frame straightening process the damaged vehicle is driven up to the operating platform that will be bolted to the rigidly fixed clamps to hold the vehicle firmly in place. Chains released from the towers are used to hold the car with rock steady stability. Then the hydraulic equipment of the towers start increasing the tension gradually to pull the damaged section of the frame back into its original shape.

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