Know About Maruti Suzuki Discontinuation of Diesel Cars from 1, April 2020

By on May 16, 2019

Maruti has been manufacturing cars with diesel as well as petrol engine from much time and they have been making their customers happy. They manufacture cars which can easily satisfy customers by fulfilling their all need and bringing some of the new technologies. Maruti Suzuki India is a brand which is trusted by the majority of people residing in India. This is possible because the manufacturers were successful in building up the trust of people on their manufactured cars. Thus, their journey to become the best manufacturer of cars in India wasn’t easy at all. Maruti is now all set to discontinue all the old model of diesel variant because of some reason. Let’s see some of the reasons why they are discontinuing the diesel cars in India from April 2020.

Maruti Suzuki

Reasons for Discontinuing Diesel Cars:

  1. The chairman of the Maruti Suzuki India Company explained their reason to discontinue diesel cars and said that, the vehicles phased out by the company will not be sold any longer by the company.
  2. The cost of the conversion of BS4 to BS6 involves a specific amount of money and that amount is significant. In case if they do the same on a small car running on diesel that the percentage of the selling price will increase and it will also become significant. Thus, the viability of such a car is also dependent upon the relative prices of diesel and petrol.
  • MarutiThe customer may end up by paying some of the higher prices for the diesel vehicle if there is a large gap between the two because it can only workout overall. But in case if the gap between diesel as well as petrol is small, then this will not work until and unless a person drive approximately of 5000 kilometres in a month and this is possible by very few people.
  • Hence, the gap between both the variants is low and the increasing price of the car is also involved in the conversion of BS4 to BS6, and the price of petro-diesel is also low. The assessment done by the expert states that it is not a viable product which would the customer like to buy for their personal use.

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Get the Guidance from Experts:

You can take guidance from the experts about the discontinuation of the Maruti Cars by their experts. Thus, there are many Maruti Suzuki cars in India that would not discontinue but will get convert to BS6 diesel engine by April 2020.

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