Go Back To Your Roots With A Single Speed Bike

By on September 16, 2020

Nothing can beat the good old times where you are just biking away without a care in the world. There used to be a time where the stress of life does nothing to weigh you down. As such, it was only natural that our childhood days are some of the best there is.

What if you can bring all that back? Imagine going on a relaxing cruise on a bike ride to go to the park on the beach. That just sounds like the most pleasant way to spend an afternoon, isn’t it? That is exactly the kind of bliss that you can feel when you get yourself one of these single speed bike.

What Is So Special About These Bikes?

You might wonder how a single speed bike is going to bring you back to the days of old. One of the design choices of these bikes is that it should definitely stand out. Now, it does not do so in the means that you would see flashing lights come out from the wazoo.

Instead, your bike is made with the vision of bringing it back to the classic generation. Back to the time where you were a kid and there are no such things as bills or work to bring you down.

single speed bike

The bikes themselves are made with low-cost but high-endurance design. This would mean that you do not have to spend a pretty penny on a simple bike. You are not going to be tearing the streets with this single speed bike. However, you can gently cruise on by to wherever you need to be.

Each of these bikes is made with a unique flavor to ensure that no two bikes are ever the same. That is, of course, unless you want there to be two similar bikes for those couples matching colors.

Another thing you should note is that bikes are suitable for all ages. These are not the uber-fit bikes that you would need to have the fitness of an athlete to peddle. Nor is this bike something that can count as a child’s training set. These bikes are carefully designed to fit the average person’s typical bike movement. You can bet that these bikes are not going to bring your body down to a screeching halt due to age. Anyone and everyone can have a bike of their own.

One thing that most people might question is the overall quality of this bike. Well, let me tell you that despite its low-cost build, the bike is designed for the long-term. This means that you have no worries about having this bike snap in one go. It is designed with the classic simplicity in mind, including the metal fitting for maximum comfort and security.

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