Features We Availed in a Used 2020 BMW 7 Model Series

By on December 29, 2020

The automotive industry beams with the brand name BMW and the legacy still continues. There is no point in denying that most of the car lovers want to own a BMW, who are fond of luxury cars. We were no exception. So, when we heard of a lucrative deal going on at the dealership showroom that had an excellent stock of BMW used cars in San Luis Obispo, we couldn’t afford to lose the opportunity. Among a handful of other BMW cars, stacked up under the gently used category, we chose the used version of a 2020 BMW 7 Series model, which was no less than new. The 2020 edition of BMW 7 series became created an unmissable aura around it. Be it its head turning style, or the luxury-soaked cabin with a posh ambience, there were plenty of reasons to get immensely allured. Once let inside, nobody can miss out the high-tech infotainment system, but when you hear about the safety features, all you can do is think seriously about heading towards the sales counter.

Luxury Features

The 2020 model year edition of BMW 7-Series got some significant upgrades. It comes with the biggest ever front grille that boasts about the brand name holding its prestigious logo.

Inside the cabin comes wrapped in expensive Nappa leather upholstery, that is complimented by an Alcantara headliner. All the passengers get to enjoy the luxury of massaging seats, that are also equipped with heating and ventilation facilities. The occupants of the 2020 BMW 7 series models offer both the front and rear occupants a well cushioned seat, while the driver can adjust to his best seating position. Thanks to the power-adjustable cockpit, and the same setting that are given to the rear seat passengers.

All the interior components that you get inside the 2020 BMW 7 Series models will greet you with a warmth of originality. The materials are of high quality while the infotainment system gets a new digital gauge cluster and an advanced set of connectivity options, with more number of safety features offered as standard depending on the trim level you choose.

Power Output

The brand BMW exhibits its belief in diversity. The power options that are offered on the 2020 model year edition of the BMW 7 series model can prove this point once again. The power plant options range spreads unusually wider where at the bottom level, there is a turbocharged inline-6 engine and at the topmost level, a turbocharged V-12 engine awaits with its thundering energy output.

The dealership showroom that offered the used BMW for sale San Luis Obispo confirmed that in between there is also a plug-in hybrid engine joining the 2020 lineup. The Horsepower count in this lineup ranges from 335 hp to 600 hp. Hence from the used version of the 2020 BMW 7 series model that we chose, we got to avail all the above-mentioned features that we found worth investing in.

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