Does Your Car Transmission Need a Clutch-Switch Replacement?

By on April 21, 2020

Through the last few years the automotive industry has been witnessing a sea change in all the aspects of the automobile features that are taking huge leaps towards automation. Among them, one of the biggest change that a major number of car has adopted is switching from manual transmission to automatic ones. But even then, the popularity and preference for manual transmission has not reduced. Car users who are also passionate drivers always cherish the drives that can be manipulated by them through a manual gearbox. If you are among them, and drive a car with manual transmission, then you must be well aware of the clutch switch that makes driving easier as well as safer. So, if the clutch switch of your transmission stops working, you need to replace it immediately, suggested the Edwards Air Force Base transmission repair mechanics.

The Role of the Clutch Switch

This clutch switch is a simple device that not only eases out the shifting of gears but also works significantly towards the vehicle safety. It is a feature that is designed to prevent the car engine from getting started when the transmission is engaged. That doesn’t mean you have to put the transmission in neutral to start the car, though. The switch in fact prevents the starter from being enabled till the clutch pedal is released from the floor. You will find the clutch switch usually mounted behind the clutch pedal assembly and appears just like any other on/off switch. Once the clutch pedal is released by the driver, the clutch switch turns off automatically, while pressing the clutch to the floor will turn on the switch and therefore the related system to allowthe engine to crank.

What Can Cause its Damage

Like every other car switch, the clutch switch is also prone to wear out over a period of time and usage, when you’ll need to replace it.

As an electronic component, the clutch switch will not exhibit any visible wear so that you can be prepared in advance or know that there is an upcoming issue.

What do the ExpertsRecommend

If you’re experiencing any difficulty in changing the gears or making the engine rev, know that it could be an indication of the clutch switch failure. In an event of clutch switch failure the car enginemight fail to crank at some point of time, and you might see the clutch pedal go depressed entirely to the ground. When any of such signs show up, do get it diagnosed at your earliest by an expert mechanic.

The experts of the center of transmission repair Edwards Air Force Base say, since the clutch switch is a simple tool, the car won’t start operatingtill you have replaced with a new one. However, if your car is already running, the clutch switch failure will not be able to stop you from driving your car, as it can only prevent the car engine from cranking. But in any case, youwon’t be able to drive your car after a stop, so get the car engine diagnosed and get the clutch switch replaced, if necessary.

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