Can My Car Be Towed And Are 24 Hour Car Towing Services Helpful and Reliable?

By on January 21, 2022

If you are stuck in a dire situation wherein your car broke down due to other reasons, and you cannot move it to a service station, then 24 hours car towing service is a wonderful option for you.

Why would I need my car towed?

Multiple reasons might require you to use a car towing service. These may include

  • A collision or accident with another vehicle causes your vehicle to stop or be in bad shape to drive.
  • Sometimes engine overheats, and driving the car in such conditions might be detrimental to the car, thus getting it towed till the service station is better.
  • Maybe you forgot to get the petrol/ diesel tank filled, and you run out of fuel in the middle of a journey. This results in the car stopping in the middle of nowhere, leaving you helpless.
  • Maybe while driving, you didn’t see a giant ditch, and your car ran straight into it and got stuck; you were driving through a big puddle, and water got logged in the exhaust pipe, thus causing the car to stop; you get stuck in a giant pile of snow or a pond of thick mud.
  • You unknowingly drive over a nail or a sharp object, thus causing you to get a flat tire.
  • Sometimes the car battery dies, and you may need it towed to a service station or need a jump-start.
  • You may also need towing services if, unfortunately, you left your car keys inside the car and you don’t have a spare pair of keys on you.24 hours car towing service


There are many possibilities in which you might get to need your car towed. And mishaps happen very suddenly and untimely thus knowing about a few 24-hour car towing service is important to save you from unnecessary trouble and wastage of time.

Know that any type of car can be towed with ease, no matter its size. The people working for the two companies are professionally trained and have a high skill set. Thus you don’t have to worry as your car will be in safe and trained hands. These companies have well-maintained tow trucks that can easily handle different climates and conditions. They can also tow cars from basements or multi-story parking. Also, certain companies offer towing services for events and roadshows, thus taking utmost care of your car.

Hiring a towing company and allowing them to take away your precious car is a daunting task, but the people are often well trained and will take care of your car.

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