Best Used Trucks to Purchase in 2020

By on June 19, 2020

According to statistics, more people are finding it better to buy used trucks for commercial and personal use. However, due to the ample amount of options available in the market, people often get confused and buy the wrong one in the process.

When purchasing a used truck, people need to keep a few things in mind like budget, how much a truck is used, etc. After sorting this out, when it comes to the car models, the below list will help in decreasing the confusion when purchasing one from the Altoona used truck dealer!

  1. GMC Canyon

One of the used pickup models which are preferred by numerous customers is the GMC Canyon. It comes with a reliable rating that offers peace to the buyer’s mind. With ample power from a 4 cylinder 2.5L engine as the standard option; it is quite the pickup. Also, people looking for more power can choose either 2.8L diesel engine or 3.6L V6, according to one’s need. It is known for its solid transmission and engine that make its last quite a while.

Also, the towing capacity ranges between 3,500 to 7,000 lbs; this depends on the trims and available packages for the vehicle’s body style that includes Crew and Extended Cab.

  1. Toyota Tundra

Another one which makes it to the list is Toyota Tundra. It is one of the sturdiest pickups that allows it to tow loads of over 8,800 to 10,200 lbs. According to consumer reports, it always scores massively high due to its reliability. It is quite a noteworthy truck that one should purchase, if he/she is going to use it for commercial purposes where an individual needs to haul ample weight on a daily basis.

It provides a horsepower of 381 and comes with a fuel tank with 26 to 38 gallon capacity, depending on trim one buys from the used truck dealer Altoona.

    III.            Ford F-350

This is a heavy duty truck that offers consistency on the road. It can be used as a personal vehicle or a commercial one as it comes with power engine variants and towing capacity of a massive 12,000 to 20,000 pounds. It is one of the elite pickup trucks that one can buy a pre-owned one and still offer great service.

The engine choices consist of V8 6.2L, 6.7L diesel, or 7.3L. All these are powerful engines that offer colossal horsepower and towing capacity. There are different trims to choose from and though a new one might cost a lot, one can easily purchase a used one at a much reasonable price.

  1. Honda Ridgeline

Last but not the least is the Honda Ridgeline. Though it is ideally used for personal use, many people use it for commercial purposes too. It comes with a towing capacity of 3,500 to 500 pounds. It is equipped with a V6 3.5L engine that spits out 280 horsepower. It is equipped with a complete infotainment system along with comfortable seats and spacious cabin that offers an enjoyable ride for all.

If opting for used pickup then checking these out is a must before ordering anything else. These will offer you a service that some of the new pickups might fail!

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