2021 Volkswagen Jetta – Best Small Sedan for Daily Commuting

By on May 27, 2021

Some people prefer SUVs, some hatchback, and some sedans for daily commuting. If you are one of those people who prefer to opt for a sedan, then the car you should own is the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta. It is one of the best sedans that a person can own for regular travelling.

One of the primary reasons for it to be considered as best for daily travelling is due to the fuel efficiency and engine performance of this vehicle. Take a look at why this is the best small sedan to purchase before you place an order from Volkswagen dealership San Bernardino.

Mileage offered by this vehicle

If an individual is looking to purchase a vehicle for daily commuting, the first aspect which he/she checks, what is the mileage provided by the car. Without having a colossal mileage, buying a vehicle for just daily commuting would be in vain.

2021 VW Jetta is known for providing a massive fuel economy of 30 mpg when a person decides to drive it in a city and 40 mpg or more (depending on one’s driving) when on a highway. Moreover, when tested by experts, this sedan with automatic transmission showed to have 43 mpg when on highway and manual went even more and gave 48 mpg.

No other vehicle in the small sedan category can offer such mileage as the 2021 Jetta can and this proved by the EPA rating that is offered. Hence, if you require a sedan for daily commute, you will need your vehicle to have high mileage and no other car offers better mileage than Jetta in this category.

Outstanding engine responsible for such high mileage and more

4-cylinder turbocharged option is what powers FWD drivetrain of this vehicle. It has horsepower of 147 and base trim is paired with manual six-speed; however, if people desire can opt for the choice, which is automatic 8-speed. The auto 8-speed is standard on every other available trim except the base variant.

Acceleration of this vehicle is remarkable and is quite similar when compared with its rivals. Moreover, its acceleration is remarkable especially when driving on a highway and requires passing other drivers.

In addition, this vehicle offers quiet and comfortable ride along with light steering makes driving this sedan feel effortless and also precise. When compared with rivals it is equally a fun car to drive around. The serene nature of this sedan provides complacent transportation that is required in daily commuting vehicle. You can get a test ride and know about the engine specifics more when in San Bernardino Volkswagen dealership.

What is 2021 Jetta’s price?

The 2021 Jetta comes in several variants and the base one is S ($19,999), while the rest includes R-Line ($23,799), SE ($23,899), SEL ($26,750), and SEL Premium ($29,050). If you are looking for the best Jetta you can always opt for the SEL Premium option or SEL trims. However, R-Line happens to be a great option too for regular travelling.

So, hurry and book the best small sedan Jetta 2021 for your daily commute!

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