Annabelle Selleck: Biography, Age, Career, Relationship & Net Worth

Annabelle Selleck is married to American actor Kevin Selleck. She gained fame because of her husband. Kevin is widely recognized for his roles in Scream 2 and Magnum P.I. He is famous for his great acting skills and ability to play different roles. People like him for his charm and talent, making him a big name in Hollywood.


Annabelle Selleck’s date and place of birth, nationality, and zodiac sign are unknown. She keeps her personal life private and doesn’t share much about herself. She hasn’t revealed anything about her parents, siblings, or other family members. She prefers to keep her family life out of the public eye.

We don’t know where she went to school or her qualifications. However, since she’s married, she likely finished high school and went to college, too. Annabelle chooses not to talk about her family or personal life in public, so there is little information available about her background or education.

Profile Summary 

  • Name: Annabelle Selleck
  • Country:  United States of America
  • Profession: Celebrity Wife
  • Relationship Status: married
  • Husband: Kevin Selleck
  • Married Date: August 7, 1987
  • Eye Color: Light blue
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Kids: 6


There is no information available about Annabelle Selleck’s age. She has not disclosed her birthdate or any details that would indicate her age.


Annabelle Selleck keeps a low profile, so more information about her personal life needs to be made available to the public. She became known mainly because of her husband, so there’s only a little information about her online.

We don’t know what she does for work if anything, because she prefers to keep that part of her life private. However, she’s known to be an animal lover and owns Good Pet Food Kitchen, which provides healthy food for animals.

Her husband, Kevin Selleck, is an actor famous for being in Scream 2 and Magnum, P.I. He’s the son of Jacqueline Ray, a former model and actress, and stepson of actor Tom Selleck. Tom adopted Kevin when he was nineteen. Kevin went to Southern California University, where he played volleyball.


Annabelle Selleck married Kevin Selleck on August 7, 1987, in a private ceremony surrounded by their close family and friends. After the wedding, Annabelle became the daughter-in-law of Hollywood superstar Tom Selleck.

The couple has six children, although details about them are not available. Despite the passage of over three decades, Annabelle and Kevin still share a strong and enduring bond.

Net Worth 

Annabelle Selleck’s profession is undisclosed, so her income and net worth sources remain unknown. Nevertheless, she enjoys a luxurious lifestyle due to her marriage to an affluent family. Her husband, Kevin Selleck, reportedly has a net worth of $20 million as of 2024.


In conclusion, Annabelle keeps her life private, so there isn’t much known about her background, job, or how much she earns. Most people know her because she’s married to actor Kevin Selleck and related to Hollywood star Tom Selleck. Even though we don’t know much about her, she’s happy to live quietly with her family.

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