Why Should You Choose To Go For The Online Based Exam For The Joint Entrance Exam?

By on August 14, 2017

Now, there is a big controversy which one stands the best for students online or offline. Both bags equal importance. But at the same time, both have equal pros and cons. However, online mode is well accepted among the students.

On the contrary voice of apprehension also fill the air as well. Certainly, the online exam is authentic and much more realistic.

A user link attached with a password will be available. Just click it to enter the exam paper. Once done end it by clicking the submit icon.

Now the point is why should students say yes to online exam mode for JEE.

Easy navigation:

The conventional JEE exam mainly highlighted on pen and paper. But online mode is plainly designed with easy understanding. You can see the segregated version as unanswered, answered and reviewed questions. All are highlighted in motley colors for easy differentiation. For more information on the pattern, just go for JEE mains 2016 sample paper download.

Time is saved:

Online exam always puts you in the proper time track. Thus relieving you from the onus of fighting with the page and pen. Extra time is allotted to students in case of any technical snag. In fact, the examination authority always compensates the time lost. On the other hand, each question takes only 60 seconds to 1 min. Therefore, it saves the most of your extra hours allowing you to rethink about the unanswered questions.

Redo answers without complication:

Online exam opportune you to change your answer any time. There is no such hard and fast rule that you have to attend serially. For your convenience, central board of secondary education has introduced the online mock papers as well. This will let you experience the best. To get hold of the papers, just click the download IIT JEE sample papers with solutions.

Brief on advantages of using sample papers:

  1. Once you go through the sample papers, it will let you acquainted with the patterns. Added to that will help you accentuate the accuracy. Thus, emphasize on your self-confidence as well.
  1. The best thing about solving sample papers is that it gives you an exposure to growing familiarity with diverse types. Now this will literally increase the speed to complete any answer within a specified time.
  1. Definitely, you need room to brush up your skills. For that, you need to go through each of the topics profoundly. Now, that is possible only when you flip through the pages of the sample papers. Just note that some online sites also upload sample question papers. Just review those timely for betterment.
  1. Some of the well-approved sites upload question papers. They mainly distinguish into JEE mains and JEE advanced. Just go through the papers. Then finalize the schedule accordingly.
  2. Thus, the best online coaching sites put in the effort to educate students through interactive video learning. Indubitably that is highly effective as well

Hence, the aforesaid are some of the significant information that you should go through. Reread each of the points at length to avoid ambiguity.


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